Some past project favourites

I wanted to share some of my favourite projects from the past couple of years.  They all had their own challenges at the time but turned out to be projects that I'm incredibly proud of and look back on with fond memories!  I produced these three projects under the leadership of Director/Producer RJ Sauer of Brüdder Productions.  

The BC Rugby video was shot over 2 nights on Brockton Oval in Stanley Park and one day in a studio using a variety of real players across the mens, womens and kids leagues.  Our night shoot included some rain and fog effects on top of a highly stylized lighting plan to simulate a real stadium look.

The UVIC Vikes shoot saw us filming 8 sports over 4 nights.  It was a hugely challenging shoot fitting two sports into each night with a small crew of 5 and the most challenging was shooting the rowing from 1am-6am with the women's team.  We had three follow boats - one with the camera and two with lights - trying to match speed with the women rowing across a lake in the pitch black and rain!  

The Tourism Squamish Backcountry Skiing video is one of twelve vignettes that we shot for them over a couple of years.  As with any winter skiing shooting you need the perfect weather and this day that we shot was well worth the waiting and re-scheduling!